This week, I got two questions from attendees of the SCORE PR webinar. One attendee asked which angle she should use, one about her or one about her business. The other attendee asked if she put her news release on a newswire, could she expect a guaranteed ROI. Both are really good questions but both have a simple answer: Don't put all your eggs in one PR basket. 

The former could choose BOTH angles and establish a PR program--an ongoing, scheduled PR plan where she pitches stories as they come. She could also pitch the angle about her entrepreneur journey to an outlet that covers inspirational founder success stories (podcasts are great for these!) and the story about her business to an outlet that share consumer product news like local morning news shows.

The latter really wanted to make sure that if they paid to have their press release distributed that they would make their money back and ultimately close a large volume of sales. The problem here is newswires guarantee that your release isdistributed to subscribing media outlets, not that your news or your product is good, or that potential customers would see your news and rush to buy. Also, PR should be a part of a larger communications strategy that could include social media marketing, SEO and blogging and sales outreach via email or phone. The brand awareness that PR generates CAN absolutely lead to sales but more often than not, other brand and marketing strategies need to be on point to make sure that sales and OTHER valuable performance indicators are met.



Jasmine Powers is a digital marketing consultant at Jasmine Powers Multimedia where she supports businesses with communications, web design and brand strategy.  She’s supported organizations like Black Girls Code, Duke Media Foundation and Get Some Joy with marketing, PR and strategic partnerships. She also is an artist with an online store selling art prints and a mentor with SCORE New Orleans Regional Chapter. She recently moved to New Orleans from Southern California and happy to bring her support to our entrepreneurs.


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Don't Put All Your Eggs In One PR Basket: Try This Instead