Each month, Fund 17 profiles an entrepreneur to share unique stories and promote local businesses. For March’s feature, we are showcasing Meagan Burke of Purposely Designed. Meagan worked with Fund 17 in our Business Planning benchmark program in 2018 and has continued to grow and expand her business.

About Meagan

Meagan Burke is a New Orleans native, she spent her childhood as a Navy Brat living in London, Germany and many states across the US. As an adult, she’s lived in New Orleans for over 15 years. Although she has lived in many different places around the world, New Orleans feels most like home. Growing up, she always knew she was smart but she hadn’t yet identified her specific talents. She transferred to Tulane University her junior year seeking to find a career that offered a work-life balance and a comfortable living. She settled into the IT field, pursuing her degree in systems analytics. Meagan graduated from Tulane University in 2014 with a Bachelors of Information and Technology with a concentration in Business Systems Analysis. She’s a network analyst for the state, what she calls the “boring side” of IT, web design has allowed her to utilize her creativity.

Purposely Designed LLC is a website and graphic design firm, catering to businesses of all sizes. Their goal is to create cohesive, attractive and trendy graphics that will leave a lasting impression on your business as well as your customers. Meagan started her business in 2017, the inspiration for the business started when she was asked by her friends who were finishing up college and in process of starting their own businesses to assist them in logo and website design. In an effort to support her friends, she began exploring the graphic design industry by reaching out to different designers. She found that she was not receiving the quality of customer service that she expected. During this period of her life, Meagan was faced with challenges she describes as “adulting struggles”, so, one sleepless night she stayed up for 26 hours finishing a friend’s logo design. After this, Meagan’s work began to spread through word of mouth and eventually snowballed into Purposely Designed.


Experience with Fund 17

Meagan first heard of Fund 17 through a friend. After going to a Fund 17 networking event she decided to participate in the Business Planning benchmark program, working with former Business Case Manager, Jasmine Powers. Together, they worked on building out pricing and structure for Purposely Designed. The biggest takeaway that Meagan left the benchmark program with was a shift in her mindset. She’s a firm believer in speaking things into existence, but she explains “it’s one thing to say it, and it’s another thing to actually believe in it”. In order to establish Purposely Designed as a formal business, she recognized that she had to shift her entire mindset. She’s gone on to take even more steps towards establishing herself and her business such as creating and formalizing business structures, processes and procedures in order to maintain a sustainable business. Since finishing the program she’s already made more this year than half of what she made the entire year of 2018. She plans to return to Fund 17 this year to engage in more programming and workshops, claiming “there is always room to grow and learn to become the best version of myself, as an entrepreneur”.

New Growth

In the past two years since Meagan officially decided to take Purposely Designed from a hobby to a full-time business, she has seen extensive growth. Meagan has on boarded a design assistant that helps keep projects on track, so they can continue to provide clients with quality assured service and great turnaround times to produce the best version of a client’s vision. Today, Meagan is motivated to continue growing her business because she recognizes that her business growth is a catalyst for her own personal growth as an entrepreneur, a woman and a mother. She says, “There is nothing more rewarding than serving people who are just as passionate and focused on being purposeful and putting forward the best versions of themselves.” Purposely Designed has set themselves apart from other digital marketing firms by continuing to exceed their client’s expectations. As a “people driven” firm, Meagan attracts intentional and passionate clients who are looking to create impactful designs that will produce long-lasting impressions.

Building her business hasn’t always been easy, Meagan describes she’s had to overcome several challenges along the way. One of the most challenging lessons she’s had to learn is equating pricing with the kind of clients that you want. She wants her work to speak for itself so clients will understand her price point. Purposely Designed always delivers, their knowledge and expertise is guaranteed, the customer service experience is unlike other design firms. Meagan creates long-lasting relationships with her clientele, immediately establishing a mutual trust, assuring that the client can focus on their passion and leave the design duties in the hands of professionals.

From One Entrepreneur to Another

Meagan’s advice to small entrepreneurs in the beginning stages of growing their businesses is to appreciate where you are now and look forward to the future. As a self-proclaimed perfectionist Meagan often catches herself being over-critical of herself and focusing too much on where she aspires to be, instead of living presently in the moment and celebrating her successes. She urges entrepreneurs to not be so hard on themselves because you’ll be able to accomplish things tomorrow that you couldn’t have today, so lean in, give everything you’ve got and trust the process.

Purposely Designed is your one stop shop design firm, offering web, digital marketing, social media management, print collateral and great bundle deals for new businesses. They can revamp your entire look if you already have a website that is established and they also offer website maintenance. To learn more about Meagan and Purposely Designed, check out their website and digital portfolio or contact her at or (504)-655-5000.

March's Entrepreneur of the Month: Meagan Burke