Since being elected to the City Council, Coucilwoman Cyndi Nguyen has been working diligently to improve the economic and social conditions in New Orleans, but more specifically District "E". She has pushed the needle forward by connecting local residents with resources designed to help develop businesses and improve the community as a whole.

Resently, District "E"  has established a partnership with This is an innovative marketing tool "established to support our local businesses." In an effort to help local residence and entrepreneurs to learn more about this new resource they have scheduled 2 live events:

  • Tuesday, April 16th @ 10-11:30am at the New Orleans East Library
  • Wednesday, April 17th @ 6-7:30pm at the New Orleans Hospital

**** Note: Please RSVP by Monday, April 15th @****

Below is a message directly from the Office of Councilwoman Cyndi Nguyen providing more information this and more of your amazing work.


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