A Practical Approach to Small Business Budgeting August 6, 2019
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Maintaining an annual budget is considered a best practice for growing a business, yet many small business owners don’t engage in the budgeting process.

This webinar, presented by CPA Terry Bishop, will outline ways to organize your financial goals and grow your business.

You’ll learn:

  • Budgeting options and how to choose the best format for your business and goals
  • How to set realistic goals and understand the budgeting process
  • The proper way to evaluate budget vs. actual results
  • How to work with your partners and advisors and create a budget to use in the planning process


Terry Bishop - Core Financial Outsourcing

Terry Bishop, CPA, has over twenty years of expertise in outsourced B2B solutions, first by consulting with major CPG companies in international market research and then in public accounting with small businesses, entrepreneurs and larger entities in areas of accounting, finance, tax planning and other advisory services.

Terry Bishop

CPA and Managing Partner, Core Financial Outsourcing

A Practical Approach to Small Business Budgeting